True or False: Is Global Warming’s effect on the weather actual or not?

During the winter, there aren’t as many things the same as there were before. In your own words, how does this make you feel? There is a good chance that storms like Hurricane Harvey, which caused many damages in Texas, will get stronger because of climate change. Devastating damage has been done to Texas because of rain and rising sea levels.


Models can be used to examine the connection between climate change and extreme weather.

A fatal storm is caused by many things, not just one thing. Extreme events often have many different things happen at the same time. In the scientific world, climate change and extreme weather are significant. It’s important to note that models used to recreate old weather records are also used to blame bad weather on global warming.


Supercomputers use a complicated method called a weather model to figure out what the weather will be like in the future. This is also called numerical weather prediction. There are many different ways to make models and assumptions, as well as the results they give. Trying to figure out how likely it is that the Gulf Coast of the United States will get a lot of rain because of changes in the climate in the Arctic and other places around the world is the first step.


Make sense of the data and act on what we learn. People say that climate science can’t always predict the weather, but it can point out important facts for us to know in our more crowded world. It’s possible that as global warming goes on, these extreme weather conditions will get worse.


There are more hurricanes because of climate change to what extent?

Large or small? The effect hurricanes have on the climate is still unknown, but they could play a role. It’s natural for people to know “why” or “how” a destructive cyclone comes to land in their area.


Many well-known academics have ideas they’d like to share with a group of excited people. If we can figure out how bad the weather will be in the future, we might be better able to deal with it. How does the use of renewable energy help to lessen the effects of climate change?


Why Renewable Energy Is a Good Idea

Furthermore, it is beneficial to the environment, our health, and the economy, so this is how it should be said. Human activity releases carbon dioxide and other global warming emissions at an alarming rate, which clogs our atmosphere, traps heat, and raises Earth’s temperature. These emissions must be reduced. Our health, the environment, and the climate need to do more to stop them.


If we can use renewable energy instead of carbon-based energy sources, we can avoid many bad things for the environment, like extreme weather.


People are getting warmer, which is making hurricanes like Harvey more dangerous.

Even though it’s hard to prove a connection, a famous school of thought thinks there is a strong connection between the recent hurricanes Sandy and Harvey and climate change. Two storms went in the same direction as each other. Most late-season hurricanes move away from land and into the sea. They then slam into densely populated cities and dump vast amounts of water, which causes a lot of damage and kills many people.


A rising sea level could make storms more dangerous in Texas and New Jersey, which are more likely to flood because of the rising sea level. Warmer weather makes it easier for the rain to fall since rising temperatures cause more water to be released into the air.

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