There will be neither rain nor wind, but!

You will experience an event that is entirely out of the ordinary! Only those willing to take a risk in faith in God’s message can survive amid the present global crisis. They’ll be prepared to act and follow regardless of the circumstances, even if they don’t see the necessity. Even if there is no indication or clue that he should follow, his demand will be obeyed. Yes, God uses signs and manifestations to direct and display his power, but he also acts on occasion without them.


He is not dependent on them in any way. Nothing of these factors constrain him makes no difference what he does or where he goes. His words and behavior are all that link him to the past. He is entirely free to do whatever he pleases, whenever he pleases. He may burst through your door without warning. If you believe and follow what you’re reading right now, those things will occur. It is now necessary to pay attention to him.

“The Lord has predicted these springs of water for this arid land. According to the LORD, this valley will be submerged under a sea of water, without wind or rain. You will be able to feed both yourself and your animals.” Verse 16 and 17 of 2Kings Is it the information you believed you heard? What inspires such confidence in you? There will be no indications of a miracle, yet it will occur anyway. The valley (need) in your life will be flooded with freshwater (blessings), and you will have much to offer. Wow!


Almost certainly, you’ve heard this tale before. When these warriors, their horses, and camels arrived in the desert combat, there was no water. They were soon nearing the point of no return. They would all die or be overtaken by the enemy if they did not find a solution fast. There is no water, assistance, or resolution. The chances of rain that night were very slim. I’m speechless. The outlook is quite bleak! Is this an issue you’re now facing?


There is no way out, and you cannot grasp even a glimpse of hope. Even when circumstances are dire, you manage to cling to a glimmer of hope or a promise, however tenuous. They had nothing left to hold to. There was nowhere else to go. They could not go forward or backward, and they had no idea what would happen next. God assured them that they would get a quick, spectacular, and unexpected resolution to their problems via his servant.


Therefore, what was it? Even in the absence of rain, wind, or cloud movement in the foreseeable future, the animals would have enough water to drink and feed. They will not stop there; they will continue to defeat their adversaries. Victory! God wants to make you a complete conqueror, not simply a quick answer to your current problems. Even in the absence of precipitation, water will flow.


God spoke with us via his prophet, but why did he do it through the wind and rain? The wind is critical in hydrating the ground. The sun contributes to the evaporation of seawater, its collection in clouds, and ultimate deposition on the ground. Weather patterns are influenced by the direction and strength of the wind and the intensity and direction of rain. As a result, the Israelites needed to experience some cloud movement to have any prospect of locating water in the desert. Rain and rain mixed with wind are the only sources of water. However, this is not the case. Additionally, the lack of rain means no water to drink.


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