Tips To Play Dragon Tiger To Win The House From Great Master

Tips to play dragon tiger shared from the players are always the information that receives the attention of many beginners, new players entering the casino. Know the rules of the game, understand how to play and pocket tips from super masters to have a greater chance of winning, and receive a huge bet. These are all things that all players want.

1.Understand the dragon tiger card game

Before delving into the tips of playing dragon tiger, we need to understand what this betting game is. Dragon Tiger is a card game originating in Cambodia, the leading betting paradise in Southeast Asia with thousands of legally operating casinos.

In the dragon tiger card game, only 2 cards are randomly drawn by the dealer from a 52-card deck. The player’s task is to predict and bet on which one of the two cards has the higher value. Whoever guesses correctly wins and has the right to bet.

When searching for information about “dragon tiger tips”, we easily realize that this betting game has become extremely popular with a huge amount of traffic. dragon tiger online version attracts a large number of players to join.Of course, in his birthplace – Cambodia, dragon tiger is hotter than ever.

2.Know the rules of dragon tiger game

Update information on tips to play dragon tiger, need to memorize the rules of this card game. Understanding how to play, knowing the terms will help players take the initiative and come up with strategies, defeating opponents with a greater chance of winning.

Dealer: the dealer’s representative will be the dealer, usually beautiful, hot girls to increase emotions and excitement for players. Dealer conducts dealing with long and tiger doors, each side gets 1 card. The cards when dealt are placed face down on the table to ensure that the player can’t see anything.

The player’s thinking and betting time is 12 seconds. In these 12 seconds, you make a guess and decide whether to place your money on the dragon or tiger door. When the time is up, the dealer opens the card and announces the winning door. Accordingly, the players who place money on that door will also be split the winnings according to the odds. The new game will continue after 5 seconds of announcing the payout results.

3.Pocket of tips to play dragon tiger from master

Now we will come to the most anticipated information for the newbies, tips to play dragon tiger from the master. Understanding the rules of the game or the terms is not enough for you to win the house. Most importantly, the experience of players who have spent many years fighting at this online casino.

3.1 Observe how the cards are dealt and guess the reading

One of the most shared tips for playing dragon and tiger is how to read cards. To successfully apply this trick, we need to be really quick. When the dealer deals cards, there will be a slight gap from the second of placing the cards on the table. At this time, it is necessary to make full use of observation skills to see the information from the card. Knowing how many buttons the card has is very important in making betting decisions.

3.2 Apply the rule of close victory

Observing cards in dragon and tiger will be much more difficult because it requires experienced players and sharp skills. However, we can still apply another strategy, which is the close-win rule. This trick will be successful for draw games of 3 or more cards. For example, if the player is walking 3 tiger trees, in the 3rd tree, the high probability that the tiger door will win close.

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4.Experience in choosing when placing the door to play dragon and tiger

The tip of playing dragon tiger from the master that cannot be ignored is to consider carefully when deciding which door to place. Do not place a tie because the probability and chance of betting on this door is quite slim. In fact, the probability of winning a tie is only about 12.5%. Therefore, brothers – especially newbies when coming to the casino for the first time, should not risk betting on a tie in dragon tiger.

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4.1 Choose a prestigious dragon tiger playground

If we want to earn money from the dragon tiger game, we need to choose a reputable bookie. Nhà cái 789bets – the pinnacle betting playground with top betting games, is the ideal place to bet dragon tiger online. Information sharing tips to play dragon tiger from super players all suggest players to 789bet, the ultimate betting paradise. The bookie has been operating for a long time, committed to paying green bonuses, transparent and public transactions.

The information about the rules and tips for playing dragon tiger online above hope to bring useful betting knowledge for bettors. Wish you all success with the attractive card game from the land of Thap pagoda and get rich during the Lunar New Year this year!

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