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Fans of the comic book character may be interested to know that the New Batman Adventures will feature a more serious Batman. The series draws heavily on the Batman comic book series and drew inspiration from the work of such artists as Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams in the 1970s. It also drew on the work of Tim Burton and the Superman Theatrical Cartoons of the 1940s. Likewise, the designs and costumes of the characters are similar to those created by Chester Gould and Alex Toth.

The New Batman Adventures began in 1997 and aired on the Kids’ WB. It featured episodes about the supporting cast of Batman, such as Supergirl, Etrigan the Demon, and The Creeper. It also featured the Justice League, including Superman and the Catwoman. However, its main focus was on Batman. The Animated Series adapted many of the Batman stories into the New Adventures.

The New Batman Adventures returned the Penguin to his comic-book form, and emphasized the plant-like nature of Poison Ivy. The show’s producers loosened the standards of cartoons for the WB network, allowing for more violence and stronger language. The show also featured new characters such as Robin and Batgirl. During the production of the New Batman Adventures, Tim Drake replaced Jason Todd as Robin. Another character was introduced, Nightwing.

The New Batman Adventures introduced new character designs. Timm was adamant to try something new and was inspired to use a simplified art style from the previous Superman: The Animated Series. Timm believed this would result in more fluid animation sequences. Many of the costumes changed, including Batman’s. Poison Ivy reverted to a sexy and slim look. The Penguin also ditched his Batman Returns look and the Scarecrow got a zombie makeover. 

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